Friday, February 18, 2011

So Many...

So many things to do in so little time. When I was younger, I thought the next day was just a continuation of the present day, not a whole new start. Now, I find myself doing something new every day. Every day brings me new challenges to face and new experiences to live.

I feel like I am in a constant struggle to keep everything together. School, work, family, friends, fun and future events. School keeps piling more and more work on me, and I keep wanting to do more with my life. I feel like I should take the little amount of free time that I have been given to work with the people I care about on things that I am passionate for.

Time seems more and more important with every year and day that passes by. Sometimes you have to step back from all the clutter and take a look at your life, wondering what you would rather be doing. Last night, I was talking to Tyler about how stressed I was. He asked me what I would rather be doing or if there was something that I would rather have; I told him that I wanted to pierce my ears. Instead of driving me to the mall to get them done, he took the time and pierced them himself. It was a fun and kind of scary experience to have your boyfriend shove a sharp piece of metal through your ear, but they turned out great and it made me happy.

Simple things like taking a break from the stress and doing something out of the ordinary can always cheer me up. Sometimes the best thing that you can do for you to relax is to do something unproductive. Sometimes you do have to waste some time and smell the roses.

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