Sunday, February 20, 2011

Under Pressure!

I feel like more and more each day that I am being placed under pressure. Most of my friends are feeling the pressure too; maybe it's just the fact that it is midterm week. We stay up until three in the morning every day trying to finish our homework and get what we need done to prepare for the next day. I eat late, get up early, go to bed late and we spend little to no time for ourselves.

Last night, Tyler and I went snowboarding. It was a day of fun and a break from all the stress of school and work. Planning fun breaks the stress for only a few hours, and then you come right back home to all the things that you just put off for the last few hours.

Sometimes I just need some inspiration or motivation. I just need something to motivate me to do better than I am currently doing. I feel like I am pushing myself so hard to simply be mediocre, so it is hard to to push myself to be better than average. I believe that everything happens for a reason; God will send along motivation to those of us who are in need of it the most, at the exact right time. I just hope that I get my motivation soon; I am starting to slack.

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