Sunday, March 6, 2011

Break from Technology

This weekend, I went back home to visit my family and planned on taking the week away from technology (mostly just use of computer and internet). Since facebook and email are my way of staying connected with this world, it was very difficult for me to do without them for four days and three nights. Lets just say that I was unsuccessful.

I feel like these past couple weeks, I was so excited for so many things. Now, I am getting all the results and the extra information is coming in, and I am less excited because many things I thought were possible may not be an option anymore.

I guess that when God closes a door, He does so because that door closing puts you on the right path. But even so, I feel like doors are closing and I have nowhere else to go. Maybe if I keep planning, pushing and praying, things will eventually work out. At least I know, no matter what happens, I always have love that follows me. I am so thankful these past few weeks and months that my friends have really been there for me. It is very hard for me to trust people and believe that they are actually trying to help me instead of hurt me. Because I have had so many horrible friends in the past, it is hard for me to open up to people. But lately, the love and support I have received from not only my friends, but my family as well has been incredible.

I know that things that I have planned are not going as I would prefer them to as of now, but I am really thankful that even during this, I have people who still love and care for me.

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