Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So many babies...

So many girls I know are pregnant. Pregnant and still a teenager. I am impressed with how many girls step up and take care of babies. It is great the girls and their boyfriends stay together in order to help raise their child, but it find it so irresponsible it was for them to allow themselves to get pregnant in the first place.

I could never image having a child at this young of an age. I would be so terrified and worried that keeping the baby would not be the best thing for the baby. At an age where we should be only worried about our grades in college and how to pay to go out to a movie. We should be worrying about how to love the one we have more or if the relationship should be ended.

So many people haven't gone to college. But I do believe that not everyone should go to college... Even with that, I don't believe that working instead of going to college is a great choice - especially when you add a child into the situation. I guess that I am just worried about these girls. It is a big change to everything even when you plan a child. I just hope these girls can figure everything out and make it all work.

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